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Financial Aid

Application for admission is considered separate from application for financial aid, therefore admission is not jeopardized by requests for financial aid.

If you and/or your parents earn an average salary, the financial section is not crucial because you do not have enough funds to pay. Fill out this section as best you can. When completing tables, fill in the equivalent dollar amount, using the current taka: dollar exchange rate. Indicate what the current rate is and explain that it changes daily due to inflation.

If you and/or your parents earn dollars or a very high salary, you may have funds to contribute to your education.

Depending on the university, you may be asked to provide actual proof of your financial status, either when filling out the application or after you have been accepted. This proof can be a stamped and signed letter from your and/or your parents' employers stating the monthly salaries, and/or official bank statements showing the balance in your account.

If you are unable to pay for your education, or can only pay part of the costs, indicate that you want them to consider you for all types of financial aid. Be sure to check all boxes indicating teaching and research assistantships and fellowships.

It is best to be completely truthful about your financial situation.






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